Broadcast-Ready Multi Camera Live Edit

☑️ Live editing of up to 8 video sources, including static and moving cameras

☑️ Copy of the edited show immediately after, including alternate angles and a Davinci Resolve file if requested

☑️ Can include commentary, announcer, live mics etc. thanks to our 16 input mixer

☑️ Use of 3 broadcast quality cameras, pedestal system for hard camera

☑️ Director communication to camera operators

☑️ Event can be live-streamed if required, dependent upon venue internet connection

☑️ Lower thirds, logos and other graphics can be applied in real-time

Optional Extras

☑️ Post show editing including color-balancing, additional graphics and removing down-time between matches

☑️ Entrance lighting with 6 moving-head wash lights, 2 stationary wash lights, fog machine and hazer

☑️ Camera operators, sound engineer, 2nd producer for larger productions


Yes, we can add them to our existing set-up or replace our cameras with your own.

Yes, a security deposit would be required for this.

Yes, we will provide initial basic training and direct them in real-time throughout filming

Yes, we can direct the live output to any screens in the venue, including entrance screens and backstage monitors. We provide a single output to the venue

Our shows are broadcast quality UHD, 4K59.94p.

Our current set-up allows up to 8 angles. We typically film with 2 ringside cameras, a moving had camera, a stationary hard camera, a commentary camera and a dutch angle.

We currently use the final 2 angles for timing the show for post edit, and to bring additional audio in from our mixer.

Full Equipment List


  • Blackmagic Studio 4k with zoom and focus demands, uses a 40-175mm lens
  • 2x Panasonic HC-X1500 4K ringside cameras
  • 2x Panasonic AG-AC90 ringside cameras (1080p floating cameras)
  • iPhone 13 Pro as a wide shot
  • iPhone X as an extra angle (typically off-axis or to show off an audience
  • Sony Handycam for commentator view (typically used for picture in picture)
  • 2x Hollyland Wireless video transmitter/receiver pairs
  • Video input for pre-recorded promos or video packages
  • Blackmagic Design ATEM Mini Extreme ISO for live switching audio and video, record all audio and video inputs and generating a live edit file for work in post.
  • Live streaming to any RTMP service – this can affect recording quality if the venue and/or destination cannot accept high-bandwidth streams


  • Mackie DL1608 Mixer with digital controls
  • iPad Air for mixer control
  • Current inputs includes mic input for 2 commentators, announcer mic, laptop audio for pre-recorded promos or video packages, 2 director mics – this leaves 9 inputs free for additional sources
  • Current outputs are assigned to 2 commentators, 3 ATEM audio inputs for recording, 1 director audio feed to camera operators, Left and Right outputs to the venue audio system
  • Directors audio is fed to camera operators and commentary team. Cameras use hardwired (for hard cam) or wireless (ringside) audio
  • Currently all shows edited live are polished in post
  • This includes swapping 1080p footage for in-camera 4K recordings, colour correction and de-noise
  • Additional graphics added (lower thirds, etc)
  • Dead-air removed from between matches
  • Custom software written for timing matches also allows us to record errors either by production or talent during the show, and then correct these in post-production
  • Post editing is done on an M1 Max MacBook Pro
  • Production generally uses 3 MacBook Pro’s for switcher control, video playback and running lighting software
  • 27″ iMac can be used as part of a live-streaming set up if additional graphics are needed live.
  • 4x lighting posts each with 4 70watt LED moving head wash lights for lighting the ring
  • 10x 70watt LED moving head wash lights for entrances and atmosphere
  • 4x 54watt LED static wash lights
  • 2x 2 32watt LED moving head spot lights
  • 2x fog machines
  • Hazer
  • Global Truss Arch – 10′ wide by 8′ tall