Price is firm, will not part out, collection in the Mississauga Square One location only.

Value parted out is significantly higher – priced low for a single sale and to move quickly. Willing to answer any questions to the best of my knowledge and take additional picture for serious inquiries.

Note that all was collected and displayed in a pet free home, has been stored for a long time away from sun/humidity etc. I do have a puppy now though, so it’s possible a few hairs made it into the boxes while I was taking pictures.

Complete LEGO collection for sale, includes:
Complete collectible mini figure sets: Series 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, Movie and Team GB

Partially complete mini figure sets: Series 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Collections of mini figures:
horror/monster, Star Wars, Marvel, Harry Potter, Batman

Large collection of micro figures including Star Wars, Harry Potter, Castle, Heroica, City

Complete sets with box and instructions:
– 6857 Dynamic Duo Funhouse Escape
– Lego Heroica

Believed complete sets with instructions:
– 10194 Emerald Night Train
– 3221 Lego Delivery Truck
– 10216 Winter Village bakery
– 8404 City Transit
– 10230 Mini Modular

Instructions (all parts presumed present but not built to verify):
– 5764 Creator
– 7942 Fire Car
– 6866 Marvel Wolverine/Deadpool/Magneto Helicopter
– 7051 Alien Walker
– 9463 Monster Fighter set
– 4738 Dumbledore Hut
– 3179 Street light Repair
– 9094 Monster Truck
– 4641 Speedboat
– 7639 Camper Van (x2)
– 4642 Coast Guard
– 6858 Batman/Catwoman
– 7977 Atlantic Walker
– 8057 Atlantis Speeder
– 3366 Satellite Launcher
– 3061 Friends Cafe
– 6862 Superman vs Lex Luthor
– 7306 Pharaohs Quest
– 7635 Horse Trailer
– 4432 Garbage Truck
– 3180 Octane Truck

Loose parts including stickers, printed pieces, about 75lbs of bricks (somewhat sorted by colour), lots of unique and rare parts purchased for previous MOCs, etc.

Loose mini figures including collectible mini figures missing parts or accessories, duplicate collectible mini figures across series 1 – 10, basketball, soccer, old pirate and castle designs, lego animals, flowers etc.