My name is Alan. I can help you develop your events.

My name is Alan. I’m based just outside Toronto, Ontario. 

My background is in digital media from video editing, live event production, photo editing and programming. 

I can help with developing all kinds of events, including managing live audio, video and lighting, digital media for promotions and advertising, developing merchandise, building websites and online stores, and even post-production video work.

I offer significant discounts to charities and non-profit groups.


Checkout these videos

I can produce live-edited, multi-camera productions. I can add in external videos and graphics, with a custom output passed through to screens in a venue (confidence monitors, powerpoint presentation screens, etc) and use a dedicated streaming encoder.

I can also produce post-edited videos that can be delivered for online streaming, youtube and similar sharing sites, including post-production of a live event.

I have produced over 170 wrestling shows for Smash Wrestling, FLQ, Progress Wrestling, wXw Wrestling, WCPW, Impact Wrestling and Chikara. This includes producing over 100 episodes of television for international broadcast.

Checkout these posters

I can produce posters to promote your event, from subtle designs for an engaged audience to eye-catching designs that get the attention of potential customers, and from event announcements to DVD and online video sales.

I can adapt work for print and online, and deploy a poster style across social media graphics such as facebook and twitter profile headers, profile pictures and character pieces. 

Checkout these shirts

I can develop ideas into physical merchendise, including shirts, hoodies, bags, stickers and so much more.

I can source and adapt artwork as needed to fit printer specifications. This includes breaking up colours for screen printing and adapting complicated designs to a minimum of colours to save on production.

I also have hookups that can get your clothes printed with the perfect balance between price and quality.

Finally, I can help you adapt your artwork to promote the designs for social media to drum up interest and encourage pre-orders for designs.

Checkout these graphics

I can develop match graphics that get attention, present your talent as superstars, and convey all critical information to interested people.

These match graphics can tie into other event posters and marketing, develop a brand identity and get people excited for your event.


When we decided to bring wXw from Germany to Canada we were worried the production value we had established wouldn’t be possible to achieve, however working Alan our mindset quickly changed, as he communicated ahead off time and worked together with us to incorporate the best out of both worlds.

Our events couldn’t have been smoother due to Alan’s detailed and hands-on preparation. This experience lead to us booking Alan to be a key part for our production time over here for the biggest wrestling festival in Europe. He fit in right well in with our experienced international experts and helped to set a new production standard in Germany.

In my role with PROGRESS Wrestling, I have had the pleasure of working with Alan on several different occasions, both locally and across the Atlantic.

In terms of event production, his attention to detail and high professional standards mark Alan out in our industry. I have watched him marshall his production team, there is always respect from all parties which results in a high-quality end product, and a satisfying experience for those in attendance.
When it comes to video editing, the product on offer is always tightly produced to complement the in-ring action, and creative direction.

I have no hesitation in recommending Alan for any event or content production role within the wrestling industry.

I have worked with Alan for the last 8 years and he is an amazing professional video editor and graphic designer. He always treats all projects as if they were his very own. Alan has the ability to put himself in the viewers’ position and considers even the smallest details to make sure the end result will help you reach your goals.

He always exceeded my expectations and I will never want to work with anyone else.

In our industry we are so fixated on how to impress fans at events that we often undervalue the importance of needing to bring them to the events first.

Alan’s skillsets have brought attention, sales and prestige to Smash Wrestling. He has been invaluable to us, often being a talking point among fans and our locker room. You also get someone who takes pride in the quality of his work which is something you will learn to truly appreciate.

Working with Alan has been a dream. I know that when I’m running a live event, having Alan in charge of the video production means one less thing I have to worry about. And after the event, I know that I will have a well-shot and tightly-edited final product to share with my audience-at-large.

In the wrestling world, presentation is CRUCIAL to making your presence felt and your character stand out to the audience. As a more outlandish character, I am always very particular about details when it comes to my performance, whether that be making sure the music is correct or the lighting will give the proper feel, etc.

Working with Alan was always a welcome advantage, because I did not have to worry about whether or not they would be done right! He would often message ahead of time to make sure we had the correct music ready to go, for example.

Detail oriented and with genuine care about the product he is releasing, Alan is a credit to any team he works with.

I’ve known Alan for close to a decade now, and in that time he’s done multiple projects for me. Big and small. With only a few details he always seems to edit my projects to look exactly how I had envisioned. Hes super easy to work with and easy to talk too. And a fantastic kisser!

Alan Taylor is a professional in every sense of the word. His dedication to detail and seeing the project through will turn any good event into a great one. His commitment to the final production is second to none and the results he is able to produce is difficult to put into words that do him justice. He is simply the best man for the job.