46 Wrestling DVDs

46 different DVD sets including many multi-disc of North American, Japanese and British Wrestling including:

  • 18 Ring Of Honor DVDs from their glory period
  • 3 Shimmer DVDs plus a Femmes Fatales with a KILLER main event!
  • 7 PWG DVD sets
  • Nuts British Wrestling show International Showdown where you can spot me front row
  • Training DVDs featuring Tom Prichard, Steve Corino and Homicide

WWE Pins, DVDs, Autographs, Plaque

A collection of WWE merchandise including:

  • WWE Championship Belt Pin Set – The case is a little damaged and there is no cover, but the pins are in perfect condition.
  • Wrestlemania 2000 HHH plaque with canvas (and blood) numbered 32/500
  • A collection of WWE DVDs including Summer Slam 2004 and Eddie Guerrero still sealed
  • Autograph cards signed by Test, Rey Mysterio, Eddie Guerrero, Miss Jackie and Charlie Hass

Smash Wrestling Tickets

Almost every Smash Wrestling ticket we have ever produced since I started designing, back to Super Showdown II.

Includes a ticket to a show that we never did, plus 4 flyers that were produced for shows and to promote the on demand service.

PLUS the winner of this action will get a photo signed by Brent Banks and Scotty O’Shea, the last foam championship belt, and one of the original Smash Wrestling ring turnbuckle pads!

EVERY Smash Wrestling DVD

Every Smash Wrestling show DVD we have ever created, plus Best Of compilations, Fight Forever, Smash Wrestling Machine and Funniest Moments and Blunders!

Includes 2 copies of Any Given Sunday 4 so you have both cover variants.

Payment can be by PayPal or cash. Collect at the January Barrie Wrestling or Smash Wrestling shows.