I am experienced in the planning, preparation and production of events ranging in scale from small private live streams to multi-day sport and theatre productions.
Very comfortable with  wide range of technology and can develop new workflows and learn new applications quickly.
I have experience in customer service and client management and pride myself on being able to solve problems effectively.


I have experience in developing plans for jobs, tasks, projects and events. This can include setting up spreadsheets, databases or online web apps for planning, tracking, and delegating work as required.

I’ve coordinated with vendors, venues and talent to prepare for event and shared information when needed ina timely and professional manner. When I don’t know something, I am able to get the information that I need to make important decisions and can bring other stakeholders in when their input is required.

I am capable of producing SOPs and training material related to projects. I’m able to create visual diagrams to plan all aspects of a project from flow-charts to signal maps.

I’m comfortable with a large variety of computer software. I work daily in Windows and Mac OS operating systems, and have experience with Linux and Windows Server.

I can use and administrate Office 365 (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) and Microsoft Exchange. I’m comfortable with One Note and Sharepoint, along with other cloud storage providers OneDrive, Google Drive, iCloud, Dropbox and

I can use Adobe Photoshop and Affinity Photo for graphic design and photo editing, Final Cut Pro and Davinci Resolve for video editing, and am comfortable writing and editing websites using HTML, PHP, CSS and Javascript.

I have extensive experience using GoldMind CRM, and have set up HubSpot and Salesforce CRM systems from scratch. I find that I learn new software very quickly.

I can develop a rapport with new customers quickly, and have professional phone and email habits. I pride myself on my ability to de-escalate conflicts and find solutions to problems.

I’m able to manage clients effectively and get along well in short and long-term teams.

I developed my experience bar-tending in Europe and Australia, and in England taught phone-skills to banking call-centres. I’m able to break-down complicated and technical subjects for in-person learning and can develop written training material when required.

Along with planning live events, my hobby is producing them – from building and lighting sets using DRM and MagicQ software – to filming, editing and directing.

I work with a team I developed to film events for live broadcast or editing in post, using professional hardware and self-developed software including web apps and OBS scripts

We can live-produce multiple camera angles, manage multiple audio sources, and deliver a polished product both inside and outside the venue.

During an event my role is typically in production – directing my team to capture specific shots, prepare for upcoming spots, directing talent and making sure the event runs smoothly.


When we decided to bring wXw from Germany to Canada we were worried the production value we had established wouldn’t be possible to achieve, however working Alan our mindset quickly changed, as he communicated ahead off time and worked together with us to incorporate the best out of both worlds.

Our events couldn’t have been smoother due to Alan’s detailed and hands-on preparation. This experience lead to us booking Alan to be a key part for our production time over here for the biggest wrestling festival in Europe. He fit in right well in with our experienced international experts and helped to set a new production standard in Germany.

In our industry we are so fixated on how to impress fans at events that we often undervalue the importance of needing to bring them to the events first.

Alan’s skillsets have brought attention, sales and prestige to Smash Wrestling. He has been invaluable to us, often being a talking point among fans and our locker room. You also get someone who takes pride in the quality of his work which is something you will learn to truly appreciate.